Observatory Centre for Educational Development

The Observatory Centre for Educational Development at Corvinus University of Budapest is dedicated to the development of the education sector, with a special focus on vocational education and training (VET) as well as adult training and education.

Our mission:

  • Collecting and analysing information on education and training as well as the labour market, both on national and international level
  • Formulating evidence-based recommendations for the development of education and training
  • Nationwide dissemination of information, including:
    ▪ good practices identified through participation in international partnerships
    ▪ results of research and development
    ▪ research and policy updates
  • Developing and piloting innovative teaching practices and materials

Our high-priority areas of research include:

  • Information analysis related to VET and adult training (financing, management, social and economic benefits)
  • Initial and continuing training of teachers and school leaders, teaching and leadership competences
  • Development and implementation of e-learning curriculum, mobile learning
  • Integration and training of disadvantaged students